Complete Review Features and Price of Native Instruments Massive VST Plugin

If you're considering buying a Native Instruments Massive VST Plugin, you may want to know all the facts about this powerful virtual synthesizer before you spend your money. First, what is Massive? The answer is a lot, but what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let's start with the features. This synthesizer is designed with the utmost precision, so you can get the right sound and music production.

The synthesizer in Massive is highly customizable. You can tweak and adjust its parameters, just like you would in a conventional synthesizer. In addition, you can control the glide time between pitches, the pitch bend range on each oscillator phase, and many other settings. It's very easy to tweak and customize its sounds, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users. However, despite its high price, it doesn't offer a lot of'real' instrument emulations.

MASSIVE comes with a huge sound palette, a well-designed user interface, and powerful hardware-like performance. With more than 170 wavetables, Massive offers a wide variety of sounds to get the exact sound you want. With 10 different modes for scanning the wavetables, you can easily find the right sounds for your project. In addition, you can map the incoming pitch information to a new channel in the MIDI controller.

This synthesizer is easy to use and versatile. It's designed to make bass sounds. The virtual analogue subtractive design makes it very flexible. It has a fat, thumping sound. And with its recent upgrade, called NI Massive X, it's even better. You can choose the perfect preset to get the exact sound you want.

The main selling point of Massive is its modularity. It's easy to learn and use, and it comes with a large range of features and effects. In addition to the modular synthesis, it can also produce analogue-style sound. Its multisamplers are also compatible with other software. A number of other VST plugins can be used with the MIDI controller.

One of the biggest selling points of Massive is its vast array of effects. It has two windows dedicated to FX. The two FX windows are labelled as Insert and Send, and the GUI lets you assign them to any part of the signal. You can mix and match FX by clicking on the respective icon. You can also mix different types of sounds in different ways. You can combine them with other sounds using the same tracks.

If you're considering purchasing a Massive VST plugin, you should do so because of its high price. The software is a bit expensive, but the quality is also high. The UI is intuitive and provides quick feedback. The buttons are easy to press and the controls are easily accessible. A few of the most important features of Massive are its dual oscillator and its remastering capabilities.

One of the best things about Massive is its price. While it's expensive, it's worth every penny. The features of this VST are a big plus. In addition to a comprehensive sound library, MASSIVE also comes with four additional macro controls. Each of these controls is very useful for creating a rich musical sound. The software has a large amount of functions, and is quite versatile. It offers a vast selection of sound sources.

The interface is fresh and inviting. The interface is modern. It's easier to navigate, and features a large variety of tools. The X is much more flexible than the previous version, which makes it the better choice for beginners. The newest version of Massive is priced at $699. Its user-friendly software is very easy to learn and has an extensive library.