170+ free vital presets, designed by ANNMS, Absolutely free to download. This Royalty-free soundbank can be used in a variety of genres like Dubstep, Future Bass, Pop, EDM, Synthwave, Progressive House, Trance, Trap, Hip Hop, and many more. 


Vital by Matt Tytle is the synth of the year. This vst plugin uses wavetables in its sound engine and due to its amazing sound quality, has arisen to the top of "The best vst plugins of 2021". 


Vital uses the 'Spectral Warping algorithm' to generate and process harmonics which gives sound designers outstanding control over the timbre and overall sound.


The Text to wavetable is one of the coolest features in the plugin, although it is limited to the pro plan/paid version of the plugin.  One of the advantages of this plugin is the visual feedback in its user interface, you can see how the various effects like Phaser, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Filter, etc are affecting the sound.

170+ Vital vst Presets[Free Download]

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  • Specifications

    • 3 wavetable Oscillators, fully editable and synthesis support.
    • Text to wavetable
    • Dual Filter
    • Oscillator Options - Frequency Modulation(FM), Ring Modulation(RM), Vocode, Formant Scale, Harmonic and Inharmonic Stretch, Smear, Random Amplitude, Low Pass, High Pass, Phase Dispersion, Shepard Tone, Spectral Time Skew, Sync, Formant, Quantize, Bend, Squeez and Pulse
    • Filter Options - Analog, Digital, Comb, Formant, Phaser,  Diode.
    • Effects - Chorus, Single and Multiband Compressor, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filter, Flanger, Phaser & Reverb


    Pros - Highly editable units, good visual feedback, High-quality unison and effects, a wide range of wavetables, text to wavetable. Easy to use and customize sounds.


    Cons - Needs login to work, High CPU requirements.