Royalty-Free VST/VST3 Presets

Howdy!! This is ANNMS and I am proud to share some of the best sound designs with producers all around the globe. I understand that a lot of producers out there struggles when it comes to finding new inspiring sounds and samples.

I am here to help you!


Within this collection of patches, I have put my 3 years of experience. Every sound has its own story to tell and emotion to feel, These presets are also good for aspiring sound designers who want to unlock the secrets behind different sound engines.

All presets are Royalty-Free, you can use them in your projects but can not sell or redistribute them. I will constantly add new sounds to the list, keep visiting. If you have a preset request, share that as well.




About the sound preset

VST Plugin



Key - Spark

A key with chimes as atmosphere, Marcos controlling softness and amount.



EDM, Tropical, House

Bass - Power Reese

An outstanding Reese bass with clean phase movement, Use legato with mono setting to add outstanding bass line.



Trap, Hip Hop EDM, Cinematic

INS - Guitar

For some stupid reason, MassiveX got a bad reputation, I'll let you judge for yourself. Everything is out of the Oscillator and FX.

NI MassiveX


EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock

Lead - Self Legato

A soft lead with a twist, a touch of frequency modulation after 2 bars to fake a legato effect.

Xfer Serum


Pop, K Pop, Dance, EDM, Chill

FX - Force Ten

An HQ Sequence for Xfer Serum, enough to stir the tension in the force

Xfer Serum

Fx/Sfx Sequence

Films and Game, EDM

Pluck - Sonic

A Little CPU intensive but totally worth it, A heavy hose pluck with little resonating filter.



House, Deep House, Trap, Hip Hop

Chord - Swell

An amazing chord with swell vox and groove of chords when used with chopped chords; Filter 1 cutoff lfo is the modulation.



Future House, Future Bass, Progressive, Electro

Pluck - Overdrive Japan

A pluck with soft transient, overdriven harmonics with slight distortion....... and a cute reverb tail

Image-line Sakura


House, Progressive, Pop, K Pop, Bounce

Chord - Gate

Take it slow and smooth; a gated chord with beautiful atmosphere

Groove Machine Synth(GMS)


Progressive, EDM, Dance, Chillout, Tropical, Pop, Future Bass

Bass - Slap Bass

A mono Groove Bass with characters of both, a synth and bass guitar!

Groove Machine Synth(GMS)


EDM, Pop, Hip-hop, Glitch Hop, Techno