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Types of Music Producers - Which one are you?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

In this article, we will discuss "Music Producers" in detail. To be precise, you will learn about the types of Music Producers in terms of their functionality, their job, their field of expertise, and what they do.

Keywords - Types of Music Producers

These are the main types of Music Producers

  1. Artist

  2. Auteur

  3. Facilitator/Co-Producer

  4. Collaborator

  5. Enabler

  6. Consultant

Types of Music Producers

Type 1 - Artist

What are music artists? People who produce themselves. After the development of digital audio workstations and other tools that have made music production available to everyone at a cheap price, "Artist" has become the most common class of music producers.

Artists like Avicii, Alan Walker, KSHMR, Calvin Harris, Zedd, etc are prime examples of this.

Type 2 - Auteur

These can be both an individual or a team. The term 'Auteur' is French meaning Author. Auteurs are the people who contribute to the projects the most audibly.

Auteur Producer's main characteristic is that they leave a unique identity in the song. It can be supporting vocals, mixdown, sound design, song structure etc. These producers are versatile in all fields of music production and help the producers take their records to the next level.

Many hit records(Top 100 on Billboard) use auteur producers in their projects. They are also used by labels for introducing fresh talents and new artists. Auteur Producers can be recognized in the song by their work. These people often own a record label or a music production company.

Timbaland and Dr. DRE can be considered auteur producers for their work in many records because you can instantly recognise their work, even if the main producer/artist is someone else.

"My producing style is this: ‘I am the music.' The artist is the frontman for the producer." - Timbaland

Type 3 - Facilitator/Co-Producer

These producers are often called co-producer, they are people who specialize in arrangement, songwriting, sound design, mixing, comping, etc. The facilitator helps the main producer/s in increasing the quality of the song. They bring out and maximize the potential of an artist's ideas.

The facilitator brings a whole new perspective to the table. They apply their own knowledge to give more options to improve the quality of the recording.

Type 4 - Collaborator

Collaboration is a Union rather than infusing ideas. Unlike other types which blend in like colour, Collaborators are like oil and water. They have their own identity in a song and still sound dynamic. It is like bringing a new band member to the team.

Collaborative producers do not control every detail of a recording; rather, they embed their own ideas and signature styles into the soundtrack.

Unlike Auteur producers who are not prominent figures (do not appear in the song actively), collaborators are active members of the project wilt equal footing as the main artist/band/producers.

Collaborators can be audio engineers, producers, and sound designers.

Type 5 - Enabler

These are the transformers of the music studio. They control everything technical in the studio, fields and behind the mixer's technical desk. Enablers decide what pieces of equipment are needed for certain work. Whether it is recording, mixing, sound design or mastering enablers will deal with everything that is related to technology.

Though Enablers were considered a crucial part of the early music production scene, the job is only limited to major recording studios and record labels since most hardware and music techs are now available in form of audio software and VST plugins.

Type 6 - Consultant

These music producers are responsible for mentoring the producers, not just from the technical perspective but also the major force behind the success of a record. Consultant producers are like A&R, but their job is more important, you can say they are right above the A&R.

What are the current music trends, What do listeners like these days, What are the standards of streaming services? Everything is covered by the consultants.

Consultant producers are attached and detached from the process of music production at the same time. They are the catalyst of the music production process that makes a project successful without actively participating in it. They bring the best out of the producers and artists.

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