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The Best Music Production Internship Opportunities for Producers, Developers, and Engineers

The Best Music Production Internship Opportunities for Producers, Developers, and Engineers

Music Production Internship can drastically increase your chances of success in the field of music production, audio engineering, and technology field. With the advancement of Tech, we have a lot of opportunities in various areas, you just have to be ambitious enough to grab any chances available.

We have searched and selected some of the most beneficial internship opportunities for you, with time we will keep improving our list.


1. Main areas of Music Production Internship

- Machine Learning

- Digital Signal Processing

- Virtual Analog Modeling(VA Modeling)

- Sound Design

- SEO, Digital Marketing, and Management

2. Internship Programms

- iZotope

- Ableton

- Apple

- Noise House(London)

- Axtone Records(A&R)

- Fantastic View

- Zoom Video(DSP Engineer)

- Dolby

Main Areas of Music Production Internship

Before you apply for an internship program, it's essential to understand your goals and the field you want to work in. These are some of the most important areas of internship related to music production.

1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the future of audio technology. The use of Artificial Intelligence has drastically increased in recent years with companies like iZotope, Sonible, T Rack etc are developing plugins and software capable of performing the most complex audio processing tasks with ease.

This field will definitely give you a great opportunity as a developer in the most reputable companies.

2. Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Digital Signal Processing or DSP is an essential part of modern music soft development. Algorithms like Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) or VLSI etc are widely used in the development of Software and Hardware.

Learning DSP can help you get a job in the field of music tech development and research, it also has great applications in fields other than music production as almost all modern machines at some point uses DSP.

3. Virtual Analog Modeling(VA Modeling)

If you have used VST Plugins at some point you must have seen many companies bragging about how their Plugins Emulates the Analog Hardware. Those claims come from the power of VA modeling.

Essentially you will learn how to emulate or simulate circuits of real-time sound-related applications like Wave Digital Filters or Port Hamiltonian System etc.

4. Sound Design

Arguably the most sorted area in the music production field. Sound Design may sound simple but it is a wide area of possibility and practicality. As a sound designer, you must be able to implement and discover new techniques to design sounds for different environments and apply them in various engines.

For example, designing sounds for games and applying them in Unity and other game engines.

5. Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Digital Marketing and Product Development & Management

There was a time when we had only a few companies making audio products, hardware, and software, the sale was based on the quality of the product.

That's not the case anymore, with the approach of the digital world, SEO and marketing are placed 2nd in terms of sale revenue and that is why companies are spending a lot of money in hiring marketing and SEO experts. If you can get proper training in these fields along with a bonus of knowledge in Music Production, you can build an outstanding carrier.

Best Internship Programms available for Producers, Engineers, and Developers.

1. iZotope Audio Research Intern

- iZotope

iZotope is one of the leading developers of Audio Plugins(VST/VST3/AU/AAX), They are the leading power in the implementation of Machine Learning in their softwares.

iZotope is providing internships in 4 main fields.

- Machine learning and listening

- Digital signal processing

- Virtual analog modeling and

- Music Information Retrieval

The internship period is 3 months, To apply for this program you need a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field (intermediate to advanced doctoral student preferred)

Get More info on this program here

2. Ableton Certified Trainer

This program is for Ableton Users only; as you may have already guessed it. You will be able to get an exclusive certificate from Ableton making you qualified as an instructor for Ableton Software.

You can apply for this program here

3. Speech Algorithm Research Intern - Apple

Apple is seeking highly skilled and creative students interested in advancing speech and audio technologies on the audio algorithms team.

Get More information on the program here

4. Radio Show Producer / Syndication Assistant(NoiseHouse, London)

Radio and audio production company The NoiseHouse are looking for an Intern at their London offices.

The internship is paid and will last for 3 months with the possible extension of another 3 months.

Role - Assisting as a Radio Show Producer / Syndication Assistant,

Get More information on the Program here

5. A&R Internship at Axtone Records

Axtone records are accepting internship requests for A&R. Internship period is 3 months with 2/3 days per week of work.

Get more information on this Program here

6. Radio Broadcasting & Production Internship - Fantastic View

Fantastic View, one of the leading sports coverage platforms is inviting Radio Broadcasting and Production Internship.

Get More info on this Programme here

7. 2022 Audio DSP Engineer (Intern) - Zoom Video Communications

Zoom Video Communications has emerged as one of the best companies during the quarantine.

The company is accepting interns for its Audio DSP Engenner research program.

Get more information on this program here

8. Sound Tech Research Intern (Summer) - Dolby

Dolby is accepting interns for Sound Tech Researchers for their Next-Gen of automotive entertainment - Atmos Music for the Car!

Get more information on this program here

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