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Spitfire Releases Glass Piano; A free vst plugin - Music Production 2022

Spitfire Releases Glass Piano; A free vst plugin - Music Production 2022

Philip Glass, the legendary composer, has teamed up with Spitfire Audio to make his beloved piano available to the public for free.

Spitfire Audio is excited to announce a new project with iconic composer Philip Glass. The crew caught the sound of Glass's cherished baby grand piano — in the same room, it has inhabited since he got it in the 1990s — at his house in Manhattan, New York City.

The Piano Etudes, all of his Academy Award-nominated film soundtracks (Kundun, The Hours, and Notes on a Scandal), all 14 symphonies, operas In the Penal Colony, and Galileo Galilei, and hundreds of additional pieces have all been created on this piano during the previous 30 years.

Users may now download and explore the distinctive musical characteristics of Glass's piano through a variety of sounds, ranging from the traditional and gorgeous Glass Grand preset to soft and ambient warps, all created by the Spitfire Audio team from raw recordings. On Monday, January 31, 2022, Philip will celebrate his 85th birthday.

Philip believes that this unique cooperation with Spitfire Audio will provide a glimpse into his composing, practicing, and performing world.

Here are a few remarks from Philip Glass:

“My piano has been my piano for thirty years. I have a tuner who makes it sound the way I want it to sound. When I’m writing music, and if I play it, it’ll be on this piano.

It's not only about the piano's sound. It's the temperature, the density of the walls and flooring, and the room it's in. It refers to the age of a piano. The action on my piano is rather hefty. It's even reflected in the way the keys are polished. Pianos, like humans, have distinct personalities.

The low regions of the piano, in particular, seem to be notes that are quite obvious to me. The piano is different at various spots if you look at all 88 keys. My piano's bottom octaves aren't designed to be forceful and powerful. They're supposed to sound lovely and spiritual, and they do."


For the first time, LABS Glass Piano makes the famed composer's piano available to the public.

This piano has been the setting for all of Glass's compositions during the last 30 years.

Philip Glass's home studio in Manhattan was used to record this album.

There are six settings available.

The LABS interface is basic and easy to use for both beginners and professionals.


Glass Grand

Grand Grand soft




North Star 


i1 - Expression

i2 - Dynamics

O1 - Attack

O2 - Reverb

O3 - Tightness

O4 - Release

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