Best Free Websites For Selling Sample Packs and Presets Online; How to Make Money with Music

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2. Best Free Places to Sell Sample Packs and Soundbanks

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“To sell means to help. Find all the ways you can help your prospect.”― Meir Ezra

Often Upcoming Sound Designers and producers ask about How to Sell Sample, Preset Packs, and audio services online or On platforms Like Splice and Loopmaster? This is a great goal of course But most of these platforms are paid ones or take a large cut from the sales.

We have selected the best online platforms to sell your digital products and songs that will help you make money with your music.

How to Sell Sample Pack and Soundbank online for free; Make money with music

Best Free Places to Sell Sample Packs

1. Buy Me a Coffee

It doesn't matter How you are related to the music industry, You gotta have a Buy me a coffee Account!! It can help you a lot in making money with your music and products in lots of ways.

A few Producers and artists know about this but you can actually sell your digital products on Buy Me a Coffee. This website is one of the best places to sell your digital products, songs, samples, and patches.

Best place to sell sample pack - Buy Me a Coffee
Buy me a coffee - Digital Sell Example


  • No Monthly Fee; On the spot Transfer to Paypal.

  • Book and Sell Personal Lessons on Zoom.

  • Sell E-Books, Sample Packs, and Soundbanks along with other digital downloads.

  • Sell Live Event Ticket.

  • Build a membership-based Revenue system.

  • Accept Multiple Currency.

  • Accept Paypal, Stripe, and other local payment providers(based on geolocation).

  • Accept artist Donations.

  • Built-in SEO; Rank your products on Google.

  • Integrate with WordPress, Zappier, and other