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Knif Audio Soma mastering-grade passive tube EQ - New Mastering EQ plugin

The Soma is a mastering-grade passive tube EQ from Knif Audio. Like many high-end analog EQs, the Soma is highly versatile. You can adjust the input and output stage drive using two trimmers, and it features a Mono Maker and Stereo Width control. The Soma also includes extra TMT options. It is available for purchase from the Knif Audio online store for a price of $499.

Knif Audio Soma mastering-grade passive tube EQ - New Mastering EQ plugin

The Soma is a dual-channel passive tube EQ, with a Mid/Side Matrix and Low- and High-Pass filters. It is an entirely passive circuit, with real Q adjustments that allow for subtle tone shaping. The Soma is a renowned compressor, as well, with a hundred million operations rating, and has a huge range of settings.

The Soma is compatible with a wide range of external EQs. You can use its plugin-only features to tweak the output and input drive. Brainworx engineers also improved the Soma with essential mastering tools, such as the Mono Maker and Stereo Width controls. If you want a more flexible tone, you can also opt for the boutique hardware Soma.

The Soma is a two-stage valve amplifier with moderate DC-coupled feedback. It has several features that make it a great choice for mastering and recording. Its construction is sturdy, with polypropylene filter caps, individually-regulated anode supplies, and a wide array of knobs. The Soma is built to last and is very easy to use.

The Soma has a two-stage valve amplifier. It features moderate DC-coupled feedback and is built for the long haul. Its high-quality design features include polypropylene filter caps, individual discrete regulators for anode supplies, and mu-shielded transformers. It has a user-friendly interface and is perfect for a wide variety of uses.

The Soma is a dual-channel passive tube EQ with built-in Low- and High-Pass filters. It has an entirely passive circuit and allows for real-time Q adjustments. The Soma also comes with a Mid/Side Matrix, which makes it easy to adjust the midrange frequencies. Unlike most of its competitors, the Soma features a comprehensive feature set.

The Soma has a six-band parametric EQ with a wide range of controls. The Soma is a two-stage passive EQ, with moderate DC-coupled feedback. The Soma also has a treble booster. Its high-pass filter can be used with a 6dB/oct slope for the side channel.

The Soma is a passive tube EQ that's capable of boosting frequencies. The Soma's internal level is very low, and the passive tube EQs are characterized by color, warmth, and inherent saturation. The Soma's treble boost is one of the most common uses for a classic mastering-grade EQ. It is recommended for mastering-grade recordings.

The Soma's passive tube EQ has a very wide bandwidth and is a great choice for mastering. The Soma's treble boost is adjustable, and it is a popular choice among professional audio engineers. Its treble EQ offers a broader range and is ideal for mastering. The Soma has a wide dynamic range and is very flexible, and it's possible to customize its EQ to the sound you're looking for.

Another benefit of the Soma is its flexibility. The Soma has an extremely low-frequency boost section that uses a single tube. This section adds low-frequency bloom to the mix. The Shift controls allow you to adjust the low-frequency boost. The Soma is a versatile device. With a range of presets, it's very simple to control the EQ with a laptop.

In addition to its high-end passive EQ, the Soma is a mastering-grade product. Its knobs are made of Elma "soft touch" collet knobs, which provide a warmer feel and better grip. Its switches are also Elma, and they function like potentiometers. The Soma's three knobs are ergonomically designed to be easy to adjust.

Even for current mastering, a clear and accurate passive tube EQ.

Passive tube EQs have long been acclaimed for their ability to provide a lot of color and warmth to a mix. Their wide range of boosts and cuts, as well as their natural saturation, make them a popular choice for overall tonal shaping. Knif Audio's Soma EQ is a boutique passive tube EQ that offers a cleaner, more flexible tone and more accurate EQ settings to match the needs of today's mastering professionals.

The first passive tube EQ with "Real Q Adjustment," which eliminates EQ guessing.

Despite their excellent sound, passive EQs from the past have flaws as well. Changing the bandwidth control on a traditional passive EQ can inadvertently raise or decrease the amount of boost or cut you're applying, resulting in unanticipated EQ curve alterations. Finally, the Soma EQ addresses this issue by including "Real Q Adjustment." It's a first in the field of passive tube EQs, offering much more predictability and accuracy than any other of its kind.

For discerning ears, a sophisticated and flexible color.

While the warmth, saturation, and character of vintage passive tube EQs like the Pultec and Massive Passive are lauded, there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing." The tone of these lovely EQs might sometimes be too much for a specific recording, prompting a mastering engineer to use a completely another instrument for the job. The Soma EQ is one of the most flexible processors of its type, with a somewhat cleaner and more delicate tone by default and the ability to push it harder for more warmth.

Now, with additional features available exclusively in the digital realm,

Knif's Soma plugin takes a high-end analog EQ and upgrades it with capabilities that are only available in the digital arena. To dial in exactly the perfect amount of analog deliciousness, it's now simpler than ever to adjust the drive applied at the input and output stages. In addition, Brainworx engineers have included essential mastering tools like as a Mono Maker, Stereo Width adjustment, and other TMT choices.

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