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iZotope Music Production Suite 4.1 Review - The perfect Plugin Collection for Music Producers

iZotope has released Music Production Suite 4 the best Black Friday Plugin Deal for music producers and mixing & Mastering Engineers.

This bundle has every mixing and mastering plugin essential to get the perfect Mixdown, Master, and Post Production for your Audio. In this Review, we will look into various aspects and features of this bundle.

iZotope Music Production Suite 4.1 Review

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You can get The Music Production Bundle 4 by iZotope for just $499 during the Black Friday Sale. The Original Price of the Bundle is $999.

Looking at the individual plugin value this is currently the best plugin deal available on the internet.

When purchased individually, the plugins included in the bundle can cost $3089; means you are saving $2090 with this deal.

Plugins Included in the iZotope Music Production Suite 4.1

You can get the following Plugin bundles and VST with this production suite

Nectar 3 Plus - A perfect mixing solution for vocals; includes Eq, De Esser, Relay, Melodyne 5 Essential, RX8 Breath Control, and Vocal Assistant along with other features.

Neoverb - This is one of the latest additions in iZotope Family, just like all other VST from iZotope this reverb plugin follows and unique approach to apply natural-sounding reverb and mixing hall and plate reverb in a single plugin.

RX9 Standard - This Post Production suit stands at the pinnacle of audio developments. The modules added in this bundle are more than enough to counter any kind of post-production and audio editing problems. The AI induced in its soul can solve the most complex problems of audio post-production with ease. (It's also the reason why the price of post-production on Fiver has dropped to $5 ;)

Neutron 3 Advanced - Neutron 3 is one of the most cherished mixing environments among engineers. The modules included in this bundle can give you the cleanest possible mixes with minimum effort.

Ozone 9 Advanced - I don't think I have to introduce this giant to anyone. Every music producer knows which bundle is the best for Mastering their music.

Tonal Balance Control 2 - An Analyzer cum Assistant from the company, Tonal Balance Control can help you to apply the tonal balance of your favorite songs into your project and assist you with achieving a better mix.

Vocal Synth - A beautiful and easy-to-use Vocal Processor introducing outstanding effects like Vocode, Polyvox, Talkbox, and many more effects within a few clicks.

Stutter Edit 2 - I am in love with this plugin. Rhythm Management is something a lot of products find difficult. Stutter Edit counters that problem like a champion. It is also a God Sent for the artists who like to perform live.

Insight 2 - Arguably the most insightful audio analyzer plugin out there. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of mixing environments, post-production, and broadcast.

Nimbus Reverb - An outstanding natural-sounding reverb with loads of presets.

Extras - Visual Mixer, Relay, Melodyne Essential

Groove 3 Training - For those who are not familiar with Groove 3; It is the best online platform for learning anything and everything about music production, mixing, mastering, marketing, and post production. They are also an official partner of iZotope for training. With Production Suite 4, you will get a 1-year Groove 3 Pass.


iZotope Production suit is the best buy for any producer and engineer. The value of products, plugins, and resources is top-notch and will help you reach further in audio production

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