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Soundiron Released Hyperion Strings Solo Violins - reviews, price, features

Soundiron Released Hyperion Strings Solo Violins - reviews, price, features

The Soundiron Hyperion Strings Solo Viols is a new universal solo violin library with rich layering options. The product features two complete violin libraries in one, including an Evolution Django Jazz acoustic guitar sample library powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt Player. Azure Lake, a new acoustic string ensemble library with 11 controls, is a great choice for soloists, composers, and music producers.

The Hyperion Strings Solo Violins is a powerful and comprehensive solo violin library for virtual instrument recording. The collection includes a variety of chromatic articulations, a sonic spectrum, and a comprehensive collection of melodic phrases. The synthesizer is fully compatible with NKS and Kontakt Player. This high-quality, intimate library delivers a professional-quality sound without breaking the bank.

The Soundiron Hyperion Strings Solo Viols feature a library of 9538 stereo violin samples, 1900 phrases, and a beautiful and interactive interface. Each sample can be customized with ease thanks to its "massive" collection of live phrases. In addition to this, the software also features a step sequencer, tempo synchronization, and a wide range of sustains.

The Library of pre-set articulations provides an unlimited range of possibilities for acoustic players. You can assign different articulations to each string individually by browsing the menu and selecting with your mouse. You can even apply editable real-time performance options to the articulations. For example, the instruments were recorded with natural vibrato and multi-dynamic sustains, but the performances also included pizzicatos, staccatos, and long crescendos. The articulations are available through a variety of editing options.


Soundiron library has staccatos, spiccatos, pizzicatos, colle, col legno, bartok pizzicato, and other articulations! Each short articulation provides 4 round-robin variations per note, making it easy to humanize your arrangements and find the perfect emotive expression for any musical moment.


  • Product Version 1.0

  • 6 master presets: 1st Violin Master, Phrases, and Legato; 2nd Violin Master, Phrases, and Legato

  • Sustains, Staccatos, True Legato, Sordino, Phrases, Dynamic Expressions

  • 9,538 Stereo Samples

  • 6.9 GB Installed (9 GB wav)

  • 24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Format.

  • 1,900 expressive phrases in a variety of keys and styles

  • Special articulations: Harmonics, Ponticello, Flautando, Detache, Colle, Bartok Pizzicato, Col Legno, Sordino, and more

  • A full suite of Expressions in a variety of lengths, timings, and dynamics, including crescendos, decrescendos, sforzandos, and swells, with time-stretching, tempo-synching, and automatic release.

  • Flexible and intuitive user interface with pro features, deep customizability, and simple workflow.

  • Free soundstage positioning for each violin within dozens of custom rooms, halls, chambers, and FX environments.

  • Adaptive Play Assist and Arpeggio systems for instant inspiration.

  • Made for the free Kontakt Player (version 6.2.2+), Komplete Kontrol, all S-Series Keyboards and NKS software and hardware by Native Instruments

  • Works with the Kontakt "Libraries" browser and Native Access.

System requirements

Hyperion works with the latest free version of the Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and the special “Libraries” rack.

It requires Windows 7 or higher PC. OSX 10.12 or higher is required for Mac.

Dual-Core CPU, 3+ GB System Ram, SATA or SSD hard drive recommended for this library.

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