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HY-Filter Effect Plugin Review - The Best Filter & Effect VST plugin of 2022

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

HY-Plugins have recently released the HY-filter4 effect plugin. The plugin is a semi-modular multi-effect VST featuring many #effects, filter types, and advanced modulation options. In this article, we will look at the features, modules, and sound design of the HY-filter4. We will look into factors that make it the best multi-effect #plugin.

Let's dive right in!

HY-Filter Effect Plugin Review - The Best Filter & Effect VST plugin of 2022

What is HY-Filter4?

Hy-filter4 is an outstanding effect plugin that allows you to use many audio effects in a single user interface. This VST is capable of creating some of the most complex effect chains ever.

Hy-filter4 is also ideal for live performances or creating amazing pre-built processing chains thanks to the series of outstanding modulators and step sequencers. It saves the time that a producer spends on adding various effects and creating automation clips while still giving an outstanding result.

HY-Filter4 features

HY-Filter4 has 38 effect units and 42 modulators, giving freedom to change the sound however you want.




Main Filter





Envelope Follower

Secondary Filter

XY Pad


Step Sequencer


Gate Sequencer








HY-Filter4 Price, Free Demo, and Download Link

You can download HY-Filter4 for free at the official website of HY-Plugins. HY-Filter4 demo has limited functionality. The plugin silents the audio after a few moments(Still better than adding annoying noises!)

The best part about the HY-Filter4 is its price. The plugin cost just $55, which is very generous. Given the fact that it has 38 fully functional effect units, this is considered almost free. The parent company is also encouraging its customers to try the plugin before buying, showing their confidence in the capabilities of their products.

HY-Filter4 system requirements

HY-Filter4 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. These are the minimum requirements for running HY-Filter4 on your system.


Windows: VST2, VST3 32/64bit

macOS: VST2, VST3, AU 64bit only

Linux: VST2, VST3 64bit only

System Requirements

Windows: Windows7 or higher

macOS: OSX 10.12 or higher

Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 or higher

Is HY-Filter4 worth it?

HY-Filter 4 is one of those rare cases where you don't have to put a second thought before buying. I am still not sure why the company is giving it at such low prices when the features are the best in the business.

The inclusion of Timbres informant filter, Morph, Bipolar LFO, Math, Step sequencer, HY-Filter4 has everything a producer ever wants on his mixer channel.


Is HY Filter 4 a good plugin?

Yes, HY Filter 4 is the best plugin out there.


So this was my personal thoughts on HY-Filter4, I think it's a decent plugin with unlimited creative potential. It is ideal for music producers as well as sound designers. This plugin can add life and expression to any sound. The price is pretty generous. If you are planning to get this effect, don't wait any longer. HY-Filter4 is without a doubt, the best multi-effect plugin ever, and the best VST plugin of 2022 so far.

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