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HQSoundz and StudioWAV has released an outstanding free Soundbank and skin for Serum

HQSoundz and StudioWAV have just released a beautiful soundbank for Xfer Records Serum. You can download their amazing pack here.

This pack contains some of the most outstanding presets, ideal for lo-fi, hip hop, Electronic Dance music, and many more genre. The pack contains Bass, Pluck, Bell, Flute, LEAD and synths.

The pack contents

  • [Pluck] GT_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Evil_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Fighterz_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Final Flash_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Freezer_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Kid Buu_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Roshi_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Cell_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Fusion_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Jindujun_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Jiren_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Shenron_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Sparking_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Teleport_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Vegeta_HQ.fxp

  • [Synth] Whis_HQ.fxp

  • [Bass] Hit_HQ.fxp

  • [Bass] Kamehameha_HQ.fxp

  • [Bass] Legendary_HQ.fxp

  • [Bass] Popo_HQ.fxp

  • [Bass] Stronger_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Babidi_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Goku Blue_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Namek_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Saga_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Sensu_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Tournament_HQ.fxp

  • [Bell] Ultra Instinct_HQ.fxp

  • [Flute] Dragon_HQ.fxp

  • [Flute] Piccolo_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Broly_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Chaos_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Cooler_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Genkidama_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Kaioken_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Red Ribbon_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] Saiyaman_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] SS2_HQ.fxp

  • [Lead] The End_HQ.fxp

  • [Pluck] Beerus_HQ.fxp

You will absolutely love their sounds.

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