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How To Get Free Xfer Serum Vst Presets: Best places to find Serum Presets

How To Get Free Xfer Serum Vst Presets: Best places to find Serum Presets

Xfer Records Serum; an outstanding hybrid wavetable synthesizer is used in a wide range of music styles and is famous for generating high-quality presets. It won't be an exaggeration to say that it has become an integral part of music production, especially when it comes to Electronic music. Music producers enjoy the sound design process thanks to its well built and easy to use modules. In this video, I will tell you about 6 easy steps to get free synth presets and the right place to find them.

The serum presets are saved in form of .fxp format, the serum patches are saved individually and can not be saved as a complete preset bank like in synth plugins Sylenth1 or Vital. The presets made with older versions can not be open in the later full versions of the plugin, so I will recommend that you check the updates. The presets folder can be accessed by the menu of the synth plugin, The custom preset and another preset library is saved in the Serum preset Folder.

where can I get free serum preset?

Well, there are many places to find free pack but I will not recommend filling up your browser with all of them. You should only get the best sounding presets that suit your need; So if you like to produce Future Bass, Get the Future Bass presets and so on. These are the best websites to get your hands on many serum vst presets.

1. Youtube

Youtube is the 2nd most used search engine after Google and its the holy place for artists from all around the globe, Of course, all the Free Serum Users gather here to search for free download links of sample packs, soundbanks, free presets, midi files and many more. Youtube is a great place to start your search for the free Serum plugin preset packs.

2. Reddit

Reddit is another amazing platform where you can get your hands on some amazing free serum vst presets. There are many dedicated communities of music producers that often share patches.

3. Music Producer Forum

Another amazing platform for the treasure hunt! Do not underestimate the resources available in this Forum. The best part about Forum is that you can get an idea about the pack by analyzing user opinion.

4. Search Engines

Search engines are essential tools to get free Serum presets. Although the top ranks are always gets occupied by a few websites, you can get the latest preset packs by filtering the search results by month or week. By the way, the same goes for Youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How can I get free Serum presets?

If you are looking for free Serum presets, the easiest way to get them is by searching on Google and Youtube.

2. Is there a website where I can download free serum presets?

There are plenty of websites out there that provides amazing free Serum preset Packs. Cymatics, WA Production, Black Octopus, etc are some examples.

3. What is the format of free Serum presets?

Serum VST presets are saved in .fxp file format.

4. Which is the best place to transfer and store the saved presets?

I personally suggest keeping a backup of your preset folder. Even better, use Hard drives to keep the user folder.

5. Should I use the old or new versions of the serum when getting a preset bank for free?

Always check the compatibility of presets and plugin before buying or downloading the pack. Presets created on newer versions won't open with the previous version.

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