Harmor Masterclass Module 6 - Filters

Harmor has a Dual filter in each part, that is 4 filters in total.

Harmor Filters vs Other Filters

From the perspective of the mixing engineer and the sound designer, Harmor has the best filter section among the generator plugins and effects. This is a Pretty Bold Statement, but I do have some facts to support this claim.

The main features that make the Harmor Filters best in class are

  1. The Filters in Harmor are linear phase, i.e. The phase of Sound does not change even at the extreme filer bands Drops. Normally you have to buy 2 plugins(Phase alignment tool and linear phase EQ) to do cover these functions and can still fail to get a perfect phase.

  2. Unlike other plugins and filters; Despite being a linear phase filter, Harmor does not introduce any latency in sound.

  3. The Filters in Harmor not only can be set to hard parallel and series, but you can also morph and even modulate the configuration of Filter 1 and Filter 2.

  4. You can Design your own filter and resonance shapes in Harmor, this opens up whole new possibilities in sound design.

  5. While Normal filters have specific bandwidth values(12,24,36dB/Oct) Harmor Filters can easily Morph among those numbers. So you can have a 15dB/Oct if you want or make the flat curve, what's more, amazing is that it doesn't affect the phase of sound at all.

  6. Resonance in Normal Filters moves along the cut-off frequency, In Harmor Resonance is independent of the cutoff frequency, you can send the resonance point anywhere in the frequency range, even outside the filtered area.

I can give you many more features that make Harmor Filters stand out, but I guess you already have an idea by now.

So What makes these filters do these amazing things, Why is Harmor able to do these tasks without breaking a sweat while other plugins can't?

The answer lies in the working principle of the Filter.

As I mentioned in the earlier modules, in Harmor, Harmonic Data is processed instead of Waveforms, and Filters are no exception, when you use the filter in Harmor, you are actually affecting the Harmonic Levels instead of Waveshape. And that is why you can perform more complex filter functions in Harmor.

Now that we have established the supremacy of Harmor Filter, let's talk about filter configuration in harmor.

Filter Configuration in Harmor

In harmor you can morph between Parallel and Series Filter Configurations.

The image below Indicates the Signal Flow with the Configuration.

Harmor Filter Parellel
Filter 2 is Active, Filter 1 is Inactive.
Filter 1 and Filter 2 are active and parallel
Filter 1 and Filter 2 are active and parallel
Filter 1 is active, Filter 2 is Inactive
Filter 1 is active, Filter 2 is Inactive
Filter 2 is processing Signal and Sending to Filter 1.