Harmor Masterclass Module 5 - Harmonic Protection, Clipping, Time & Frequency Domain

This post will discuss what I believe to be the coolest features in the Harmor; Harmonic Protection and Harmonic Clipping. We will also discuss some extra features that often confuse sound designers.

Harmonic Protection in Harmor

"Harmonic Protection is the law and order in the Harmor city." Noone defies its authority.

Just like its name it protects harmonics from various units like Filter, Phaser, Pluck, etc.

It will be better if we look at an example rather than talk about it in theory.

In any plugin when you use let's say a filter, it filters out all the harmonics outside the cut-off frequencies, or phaser affects all the harmonics in the effective frequency range. But what if you want to exclude certain frequencies from filtering and phasing? That's where Harmonic Protection comes in, it takes those certain harmonics under its protection and no other unit dares to touch it.

How does Harmonic Protection work?

How does Harmonic Protection Works in Harmor?
How does Harmonic Protection Works?

The function of the Harmonic Protection is really simple. You can select the harmonic range from the "Harmonic Protection Shaping". These harmonics now are under the protection and can be excluded from the processing units. You can set the amount of exclusion by tuning the harmonic protection slider.

You can also exclude any unit from Harmonic Protection by using the unit order. All units before the Harmonic Protection are affected by it, while the units after Harmonic Prot are not affected by the Harmonic Protection.

Harmonic Protection shaping saves the state as cache, that is why it does not require a high CPU processing.

Now you can exclude any particular frequency range from any unit. This function is unique to Harmor, making it an unbeatable synth when it comes to controlling over the sound.

Harmonic Clipping in Harmor

What is the best multiband compressor you have ever used and how many bands it supports?

Most Multiband compressors support up to 3 bands, advanced compressors like Pro MB can take this number up to 6 bands.

Harmor has its multiband Limiting compressor/Harmonic Clipping and this limiting compressor can extend up to 27 bands and cover the full harmonic range.

What's more, is that you have access to different clipping curves that can create different dynamics for your sound. Let me show you how it works..

Harmonic Clipping in FL Studio Harmor
Harmonic Clipping in FL Studio Harmor

In the shaping option, you can find the Harmonic Clipping, this window allows you to set the clipping threshold for different harmonic ranges. After setting your threshold, you can use the Harmonic clipping slider to set the Compression/Limiting/Clipping amount.

You also have 5 clipping modes that work just like a compression curve. These modes are

  • High Threshold - Works as normal compression/clipping

  • Soft Low Threshold - Soft clipping, good for preserving initial attack

  • Sharp Low Threshold - Hard Clipping, for smooth transients<