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HAL-Audio Boom It - The best utility VST plugin for Game, Podcast and Film audio

HAL-Audio Boom It - The best utility VST plugin for music producers and Podcasters

There are practically thousands of #VST_plugins in the market. From #synths to #effects, digital to analog, and emulations to simulations, the music market has seen a boom in VST development in recent years. However, only a few of these plugins can leave a mark and stand out. Moreso if it's an effect plugin.

Recently, I saw one such plugin while browsing through the VST database of KVR Audio. The plugin is called Boom It and is designed and developed by HAL Audio, a rather new company in the VST area. So what this plugin is about that intrigued me so much? Let's find out.

What is Boom It and what it does?

Boom It is a dedicated plugin to control the position of the sound source and its timbre in real 3D space. The plugin has 3 main tasks

  1. Recreating the head movement.

  2. Changing the Timbre/Sonic Quality of sound.

  3. Adding the distance and position(person, head, angle) factor in audio.

This is especially a great tool for music producers, podcasters, Film and Animation sound designers, Foley artists, and Game audio designers.

As a person who design game sounds me, this plugin has made the post-processing way easy for me.

The Working Principle of Boom It

Boom It uses the Impulse Response or IR technology. Those who have used a convolution plugin know what I am talking about. Boom It uses the IR Morphing technology, meaning the plugin uses hundreds of Impulse responses, but unlike a normal convolved, it can smoothly morph between the IRs to attain a smooth transition.

Unto this point, mid-side Eq, Reverb, and Convolvers were the main methods to replicate the distance and position factors during the mixing and editing process. However, these methods do not fully replicate the acoustic behavior of sound. Boom adds the psychoacoustic parameters that come with the distance and position of the sound source and listeners.

Before Boom It we had some other plugins that can change the distance of the sound source, like the free AMBEO Orbit by Sennheiser. However, they need more CPU and have limited options. Boom It is extremely Flexible and Versatile. It can not only control the distance between the input mic and speaker but also take account of the head movements, mic position, tilt, Body rotation, head tilt, and more. On top of that, you can also change the Mic type.

How to use Boom It?

The main user interface of Boom It makes its use extremely simple. The UI is divided into 6 units.

  1. Studio Mic

  2. Set Mic

  3. Head Tilt and Angle

  4. Distance

  5. Liveliness and

  6. Output

The Studio Mic unit cancels out the effect of the mic used during the recording process. There are a total of 18 mics to choose from. Choosing the mic in this option can make your input Flat.

Set Mic can change the type of microphone. If you want your audio to sound like SC-41, this option got your back. Furthermore, you can choose the option to put a virtual Windshield as well. You can also control the angle of the mic.

Head Tilt and angle is my favorite feature of this plugin. This option can recreate the head movements of a real person. This option is godlike for Film and Game sound designers as well as podcasters.

Distance feature as the name suggests controls the distance factor of the sound source. You can set the distance from as close as 30cm to as far as 5 meters. The distance varies depending on the set mic as well.

The Liveliness replicates the real-time on-set imperfections. On the other hand, the gain can control the effect amount, output gain, and my most favorite, the gain compensation.

Boom It - Download Options, Price, and System Requirments

HAL Audio gives access to their plugin for a trial period of 7 days. You can activate this trial using the ILok and a product code provided by Hal Audio.

You can get your hands on this amazing plugin for just $149.

Talking about the system requirements, the plugin is surprisingly lightweight for its features. This plugin is available for both Windows and macOS 64 Bit versions. To run this plugin, you need a suitable host like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro,, or any other software that supports external VST, VST3, AU, AudioSuite, or AAX.

Final Thoughts

Boom It is a great utility plugin for music producers, podcasters, film and game composers, or for other audio purposes. The plugin has an excellent concept and design. It can instantly add depth and realism to your audio recordings and sounds. Make sure to check out the plugin today.

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