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Free Presets for FL Studio Harmor

Konnichiwa broducers, hope you all are doing well.

Say hello to the Head of security at ANNMS Studio.

As you all know, I had to drop the harmor masterclass in middle due to some ongoing sound design projects and studies.

I wanna personally apologize for that and give a free preset pack for Harmor which was originally planned to be released as a paid soundbank.

About this pack

When I was creating this preset pack, my goal was to break the stereotype of harmor only being able to make Neuro bass and heavy sounds.

That is why the presets included in this soundbank are dreamy and atmospheric with analog character.

The download is absolutely free and direct download(NO download gate crap, seriously)

I do hope that when you use this pack in your projects, you will feel good about upgrading to the All plugin bundle of FL Studio.

I will see you soon on my channel with some amazing tutorials (I am working on the next videos of harmor masterclass as well as some premium courses about music marketing and sound design).

Download ZIP • 423KB

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