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Free FLP Download - Free EDM FL Studio project [Stock Plugins Only]

Howdy broducers! hope everyone is doing great these days.

I am sharing this free FL Studio Project file with everyone made with only native FL Studio Plugins. The main reason behind giving this project file is to help producers understand the sound design process of the FL Studio plugins.

I have seen(a lot) producers ignoring these beautiful sound engines and going for those hi-fi plugins; sometimes just to play a saw wave with a filter on it!!

This flp is filled with some awesome sounds for different plugins like Harmor, Groove Machine Synth(GMS), Morphine, Sawer, Sakura, etc. On analyzing these sounds, you will find some very helpful music production tips and tricks.

Why is this FL Studio Project file(FLP) unorganized and poorly mixed?

I am sure lots of you didn't like the way this FLP looks, it's not a good mix, master.

I wanna apologize for that to all engineers and producers!!.

Allow me to clarify, I had limited time to complete this project thanks to my academics(I have exams and classes almost every day). That is why I spent time furnishing the sound design rather than mixing and mastering, and organizing. But rest assured, it's still audible, fun to listen and there are only a few elements and patterns so you won't get lost or annoyed.

How to fully utilize this FL Studio project(FLP)?

As I said before this FLP is provided to educate FL Studio users about the greatness of Stock vst plugins. Image-line developers are nerds, they try to approach the sound generation processes from different angles. Harmor, Harmless, Sakura, Toxic Biohazard are prime examples of this(There are no plugins like them)

I have used many secret sound design and music production techniques in this project like

  • Using Sakura Resonator to edit events.

  • Pluck shape in harmor.

  • Ring Modulation in sytrus to replicate acoustic guitar.

  • Reverb and gross beat to replicate shimmer verb and gate.

  • Using colored notes for slides, etc

As you analyze the project and crack the code of sound design, you will learn many cool things that will help you produce better music with FL Studio stock plugins. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment on this blog post. The download link is below; I will see you around.

Best Regards


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Native FL Plugins FLP
Download ZIP • 3.15MB

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