FL Studio Harmor Masterclass; Module 4 - Phase, Blending Modes and Sub Harmonics

We are continuing from the last module where we discussed waveshape generation. In this module, we will talk about Blending Modes, Phase, Sub-harmonic, and Clipping.

Blending Modes in Harmor -

Blending Modes in Harmor, Fade, Subtract, Multiply, Maximum, Minimum, Pluck
Blending Modes in Harmor

Blending Modes decides how will the Harmonics of Timbre 1 and Timbre 2 will interact, they set a relation between the waveshape in terms of harmonics.

There are 6 blending modes in Harmor

  1. Fade - A simple Morph Between Timbre 1 and Timbre 2.

  2. Subtract - Harmonics of Timbre 2 are subtracted from timbre 1

  3. Multiple - Harmonics of Timbre 1 and Timbre 2 are multiplied

  4. Maximum - The Harmonics with Maximum amplitude are played.

  5. Minimum - Harmonics with minimum amplitude are played

  6. Pluck - The Harmonics follow Pluck Decay.

Let's discuss each of these modes in detail.

1. Fade Blending Mode

Fade blending mode is a simple crossfade morphing between the timbre 1 and timbre 2 waveshape. You can control the fade amount with the mix knob.

2. Subtract Blending Mode

In Subtraction Blending mode, the Harmonic amplitude of Timbre 2 is subtracted from timbre 1.

For Example, let's say that the Fundamental/First Harmonic of Timbre 1 and Timbre 2 are equal in magnitude, then the output of Fundamental frequency at 100% subtraction will be 0.

Note - In the Harmor Manual, Subtract is referred to as "Timbre 1 is Subtracted from Timbre 2" but it is the exact opposite from my analysis.

3. Multiply Blending Mode

In multiplication Blending, the amplitudes of Harmonics from timbre 1 and timbre 2 are multiplied.

For example, if the Amplitude of Fundamental in Timbre 1 is 3 and in Timbre 2 is 3 then the resulting output for the fundamental will be 3*2=6.

A noteworthy property of multiply mode is that if any of the harmonics(weather in timbre 1 or 2) are 0, the output of that harmonic will always be 0; because 0 multiplies by any number is always 0.

4. Maximum Blending Mode