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FL Studio 21 New Plugins: LuxeVerb, Multiband Delay, VFX Sequencer, and Vintage Phaser

FL Studio 21 New Plugins: LuxeVerb, Multiband Delay, VFX Sequencer, and Vintage Phaser

In this article, I will review the 4 New plugins in the #FL_Studio_21 upgrade: LuxeVerb, Multiband Delay, VFX Sequencer, and Vintage Phaser.

FL Studio 21 is in its beta phase. You can download it from the link down below.

Although FL Studio 21 is packed with many new features, the most exciting feature of FL Studio 21 would be the new effect plugins. So what's so great about these VSTs? Let's find out.

FL Studio 21 - FlexVerb

FlexVerb is an advanced algorithmic reverb. This reverb plugin can simulate all sorts of reverberation effects. The most unique of those is the electromechanical or EMT reverb. Since the release of FL Studio 20, Image-Line has introduced analog effects in the DAW, which it lacked in the previous versions. In FL 21, they have added 2 amazing analog effects.

FL Studio 21 - FlexVerb tutorial

The main UI of FlexVerb is divided into 5 parts - Input, Reverb, Feedback, Output, and Envelope.

  1. Input - Controls the level of the incoming audio signal.

  2. Reverb - Creates the #reverb effect. The character controls whether the reverb is smooth, gritty, or fuzzy. FL Studio FlexVerb has 3 reverb modes.

  3. Normal - A standard reverb decay.

  4. Freeze - A constant signal of reverb; starting from the moment the mode is enabled and maintained until it is disabled. The Input signal cuts in this mode.

  5. Sustain - This mode is similar to Freeze. However, the input signal remains alongside the Freeze reverb.

  6. Feedback - The Feedback feature of FlexVerb can create all kinds of shimmering effects, thanks to the added pitch shift effect. Furthermore, you can mix the shimmering reverb with the reverb mode, giving better control over the effect.

  7. Output - You might have already guessed it. This unit controls the Dry/Wet mix balance along with additional options such as a peat eq band and stereo width.

  8. Envelope - This function is a great tool to get a clean reverb and mixdown. FlexVerb comes with an internal sidechain function and modulation envelopes. The source of these modulations can either be a sidechain source or an input signal(just like the Fruity peak controller).

FL Studio FlexVerb is available for both Windows and macOS users. The plugin is included in FL Studio All Plugin Edition.

FL Studio 21 - Multiband Delay

The multiband Delay is a delay effect plugin that can break the audio spectrum into up to 16 bands and apply same or different delay effect in each of them. You can set the Volume, Delay, and Panning for each band individually.

FL Studio 21 - Multiband Delay plugin

The bands have 3 separation modes namely-

  1. Gentle

  2. Steep

  3. Linear Phase

The plugin has 8 banks, each with its own delay effect. The Banks can be morphed to get an amazing Delay effect. You can also create random curves for Volume, Pan, and Delay. This plugin is no doubt, one of the most amazing sound design tools in FL Studio 21.

Multiband Delay is included in FL Studio 21 Producer Edition for both Windows and macOS users.

VFX Sequencer - FL Studio 21 New Plugins

It takes quite a time to personally arrange an arp or chord pattern while controlling every parameter of the notes. Thankfully, FL Studio 21 comes with an amazing new plugin called VFX Sequencer. This is an extension of the Patcher.

FL Studio 21 New Plugin - VFX Sequencer

This plugin is powered by the Blue Arp - one of the most popular and free arpeggiator midi VSTs in the market. You can download Blue Arp here.

The VFX Sequencer can be used to create simple as well as complex arp and chord patterns. You can control the velocity, pan, pitch, step type, and many more parameters. The plugin comes with a series of great presets for a fast workflow.

VFX sequencer is available for FL Studio 21 users for both Windows and macOS.

FL Studio 21 New Plugin - Vintage Phaser

Now FL Studio users can enjoy another great analog effect apart from Vintage Chorus. FL Studio 21 comes with an amazing Vintage Phaser plugin. This effect plugin is great for adding a classic phase effect to the sound.

FL Studio 21 Vintage Phaser

The Vintage Phaser has 4 main sub-units -

  1. Phasing - This is the main Phasing effect.

  2. Modulation - Allows users to add a movement to the phaser effect.

  3. Delay - A classic delay effect.

  4. Output - Allows users to add noise, make input mono, and set audio level.

Apart from this, there is a setting option where you can further enhance the sound of the phaser effect.

Final Thoughts

It is great to see some analog plugins added in FL Studio. Image-line has simplified the User Interface in the new plugins which are great news as well. FL Studio users will greatly benefit by the addition of these new plugins. Hopefully, we will see the official release of the FL Studio 21 very soon.

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