Sound Designer For FL Studio - Image-Line Software


Job Type

Sound Designer

About the Role

Image-line software works on the principle of Feedback and Improvement. The approach of its software and plugins are creatively oriented that is inclined towards finding new methods of designing and developing tech, software, and of course The Sounds.

You must have a creative approach as a sound designer rather than following the same traditional methods.


  • Experienced Sound Designer

  • Knowledge about FL Studio and it's Native Plugins

  • Knowledge About Various Sound Engines(FM, RM, Additive, Subtractive etc) and Sound design methods.

About the Company

Image-Line Software is one of the leading companies in Music Tech. They are famous for developing Digital Audio Workstations like FL Studio and FL Studio mobile as well as plugins like Harmor, Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, Sakura, etc.