1000 Free Serum VST Presets

In early 2021, I started a project with my youtube email and channel subscribers. Basically, I took feedback from music producers and composers from all genres and music styles about what kind of presets they needed for their projects.

Based on that data, I designed many presets for Xfer Serum and Vital. Here are many of those presets I made. 

These free soundbanks are noting like your normal sounds. Many of them surpass even what you find in the paid soundbanks for serum. The project still continues in 2022. 

If you have any requests feel free to let me know.

Free Serum vst presets - Festival Anthems

The first part of the free serum preset series is called "Festival Anthems". This collection consists of 100 outstanding free Bass, Pluck, Chords, Keys, Bells, Pad, Synth, instruments, FX, and SFX presets.

The wavetables used in this pack are from Echo Sound Works free wavetable collection.

Free Serum vst presets - Dubstep Madness

The 2nd part of this series consists of groundbreaking dubstep bass and growls presets, along with some beautiful bells, analog chords, and ambient pads.

This preset pack is made after taking feedback from many dubstep producers. That is why it's contents are a gold mine for anyone who wanna make high-quality Electronic Dance Music with crazy Bass.

Free Serum vst presets - Sounds of Winter

Dry leads, echoing plucks, keys, and metallic analog bass presets; this soundbank brings the true charm of winter spirit.

I have created this pack while working on some winter-themed projects. I hope these will help you get the best out of your production skills.

Free Serum vst presets - Feels

The next part of the free serum vst preset series has some of the most beautiful synths. The main idea behind this collection was to make a preset pack with minimal harmonic content and soft transients. The pack has some very beautiful leads, pads, FX, SFX, synth, instruments, vocal synth, and leads.

These presets will work wonders for adding a beautiful atmosphere to your projects. The sounds is ideal for genres like chill out, Pop, tropical, lo-fi etc.